MLK, Obama’s Inauguration, & the Bible

I have not been able to catch up with all of Vishal Mangalwadi’s new videos on YouTube.  However, out of those that I have watched, the one below is the best!  It talks about the rhetoric of “change” and “hope” that is inspired by the Bible and not found in other cultures.  I’m looking forward to watching the new posts on Vishal’s channel:

-Tim C. Williams

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2 Responses to MLK, Obama’s Inauguration, & the Bible

  1. Hi Tim

    I’ve been following Vishal’s videos on youtube.
    His teachings are very instructional indeed.
    They’re specially helpful in that they help us understand where a number of very important underlying values in our society come from, and what our attitude to them should be.


    Fernando Guarany

  2. darrow l. miller says:


    Vishal is one of the most gifted thinkers and apologists for Christ and the Christian faith that I know today. What he writes and speaks is always thought provoking and challenging. Glad to hear that you are enjoying him.


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