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Eric Metaxsas at the National Prayer Breakfast

Author Eric Metaxas galvanized the crowd last week at the National Prayer Breakfast with his powerful message.

Darrow had the privilege of teaching with Eric at Wilberforce Academy’s “Worldview for World Healing” conference in Minneapolis in 2010.  Darrow posted his reflections from Eric’s book on Bonhoeffer last year.

Eric’s unique blend of wit, courage, satire, and authentic testimony to the power of Christ combined for an unforgettable performance. His message was also interwoven with DNA themes as well, such as man made in the image of God, transforming culture through authentic witness, et al.

The National Prayer Breakfast video includes Eric’s message at 35 minutes in.

Or, to jump directly to Eric’s message, go to DennyBurk.com.

– Gary Brumbelow

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