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Jesus the Benefactor

We don’t usually think of Jesus as a benefactor. Maybe we’ve missed something. The word “benefactor” evokes the picture of a wealthy person who is generous with his money. A benefactor freely shares with others from his own abundant means. … Continue reading

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Nations in Disorder – From Where Shall Help Come?

Watching the nations, it hardly needs mentioning that we live in disturbing times. The ground is shifting beneath our feet. Headlines reveal the fast pace and multi-dimensional nature of this change. The Arab world is being radicalized by Jihadi violence … Continue reading

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Brave New World: Ideology Trumps Science Regarding Human Life

For years abortion supporters argued that the science supported their cause, that pro-lifers were functioning only from “religious convictions.” But recent developments in biology support the pro-life argument that science and theology are not in conflict. In fact, the science … Continue reading

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Civil Disobedience: When Law-abiding Citizens Should Break the Law

Three times in my life I have broken the law and been arrested. The charge? Trespassing. The offense? Rescuing unborn babies from being killed and their mothers from being objectivized and brutalized. I was exercising civil disobedience. The first time, I … Continue reading

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Relativism: The DEATH OF GOD and the Death of Man

The hideous shadow of death looms over the West today, a death which is the fruit of relativism. Francis Schaeffer once spoke about what he called the “curious mark of our own age: the only absolute allowed is the absolute … Continue reading

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ABRAHAM LINCOLN: A Bigot by Today’s Standard?

What does Abraham Lincoln have to teach us about tolerance? Some years ago I heard a Christian leader relate a conversation he’d had with his son upon his graduation from public high school. “What values were you taught?” he asked … Continue reading

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Like Father, Like Children: God’s Compassion Shows Up In His Offspring

Compassion, often referred to today as “social justice,” has an ancient derivation: it comes from God. Marvin Olasky, editor in chief of WORLD Magazine, wrote The Tragedy of American Compassion in 1994. We have been reflecting on Olaskay’s seven principles, … Continue reading

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Love thy neighbor … It’s easier to say than do. The Disciple Nations Alliance exists to serve the church, helping her rise to her full potential in healing, blessing and restoring broken nations. To this end, our message to the … Continue reading

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