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Culture Wars: the World in Crisis

The culture wars haven’t ended – they’ve escalated, and they will continue to escalate in a society where people have fewer commonly held views, and less respect for those who disagree with them for any reason, least of all a … Continue reading

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Rick Pearcey: Francis Schaeffer on Authoritarian Government

John Richard Pearcey is a writer and professional editor who publishes of The Pearcey Report and its blog, Pro-Existence. He is formerly managing editor of the Capitol Hill newspaper Human Events and associate editor of the “Evans-Novak Political Report.” Born in Germany, educated in the … Continue reading

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“Prime Minister”: Another Way to Say “First Servant”

On a recent trip to Bogota, Colombia, I was struck by a new insight on the comprehensive nature of servanthood. The first day, I taught a concept we call the “Monday Church.” That’s our term to depict the need for … Continue reading

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Transgender Body Politics vs. the Facts of Life

Our good friend Nancy R. Pearcey is editor-at-large of The Pearcey Report. She is also scholar in residence and professor at Houston Baptist University, where she serves as director of the Francis Schaeffer Center for Worldview and Culture. She is also a fellow at the … Continue reading

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LAMENT for Another Time … “Women and Children First”

In his last days in office Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta pushed two new social policies into the heart of the US military establishment. On Jan 23, 2013 he lifted the ban on women serving in combat. On Feb 11, 2013 he expanded military … Continue reading

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Samuel Rodriguez: Destroying the Sacred-Secular Divide

It’s tempting to divide Christians into the politically engaged and the evangelistically inclined. And, to be sure, that kind of segregation would accurately describe many followers of Christ. Samuel Rodriguez is an exception. As a pastor, president of the National Hispanic Christian … Continue reading

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Seven Essentials to Restoring America

America can be restored, notwithstanding the long downward path and recent defeats. The nation can be healed, but only with intentional and informed engagement by a remnant. First, we must recognize that ultimately, healing nations is God’s work: “If my … Continue reading

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After the 2012 Election It’s Time for the Remnant

Here’s another suggestion flowing from the 2012 presidential election in America: It is time for a remnant to serve the nation. America was founded by men and women who were consciously Christian. They were Puritans in heart and mind, the grandchildren … Continue reading

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The 2012 Election: Political Solutions Won’t Heal the Culture

If a culture needs healing, more than politics will be required. A Nation Divided in Culture These fifty United States have become two nations sharing one geography. We inhabit the same land, but embrace divided cultures and moral visions. And … Continue reading

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The 2012 Election: Has America Reached a Tipping Point?

Many people have identified the 2012 election as a tipping point in America, a point after which we live in a different country. If this is true, it’s not because of one election. The election is simply the manifestation of … Continue reading

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