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Climate Change: The Atheists’ Denial

Climate change is settled? Really? Have you noticed how many things are “settled” today? The discussion on so-called same-sex marriage: “settled” Darwinism as science: “settled” Abortion as social policy: “settled” Global warming (or is it global climate change) as science: “settled” When something is “settled” it means that “everyone agrees”

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Even Darwin Had His Doubts

Charles Darwin would probably be surprised by today’s claims of “settled science.” In Canada the issue of so-called same-sex “marriage” is “settled” and any questioning is considered “hate speech,” putting a damper on the freedom of speech. (For the story on this see Same-Sex Marriage Ten Years On: Lessons from Canada.)

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Take It From the Darwinists: “We Deliberately Ignore the Evidence”

Darwinists have multiple labels for their belief system: naturalism, materialism, reductionism, atheism, secularism, humanism. But call it what you will, the theory has two fatal flaws: the lack of evidence for macro-evolution, and overwhelming evidence of design. As for the first, two big evidence gaps confront proponents of macro-evolution. There

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