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Shaping the Generation of the Future

Failure to see the future coming condemns societies to poverty. One of the things I have heard over and over again in my years working among the poor is the fatalistic mantra, “We are poor and there is nothing we … Continue reading

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The Mother as the First Teacher

A mother is the first teacher of every exemplar and every scoundrel. Too often we leave our children’s education to television, video games, the state, or their peers. Too many parents have abdicated their responsibility, largely because they no longer … Continue reading

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Ideas, Not Money, Transform Communities

Most people see money as the solution to poverty. But money almost always complicates things. Money does not lead to a community’s development. Here’s a story from Latin America that shows how ideas, rather than money, transform communities. My wife, … Continue reading

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Is God Making India a Great Nation?

Indian scholar, author, and speaker, Vishal Mangalwadi is one of DNA’s Idea Shapers. With his permission we are reprinting here a recent message he sent to his mailing list. One hundred years ago, Rabindra Nath Tagore became the first Indian to … Continue reading

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What Happened to Education in America

Years ago my son brought home a note from school informing us that his teacher would be doing a unit on sex education. So I met with the teacher. Among other concerns, I wanted to know what values guided her … Continue reading

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School vs. Education: The Difference Matters

Often at the beginning of the traditional school year I recall something I heard Francis Schaeffer say at L’ Abri Fellowship in Switzerland: “Don’t let your children’s schooling get in the way of their education!” Actually the expression was not … Continue reading

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The Parents Were Missing So The Church Stepped In

Parents remain the vital link to child’s development, as I was reminded when I watched a recent documentary, “Undivided.” The picture told the story of a relationship between a local church and a public school in Portland, Oregon. Southlake Church initially … Continue reading

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Dualism: The Hidden Effect of Secular Education on Christian Children

Dualism, not atheism, may be the bigger threat to Christian students in the public school classroom. Many people seem to think that, while instruction based in any organized religion is unacceptable indoctrination, the precepts of materialist atheism (the worldview of … Continue reading

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The HARVARD WALL that Exposes the Modernist Rewrite of History

Harvard and Yale, among other venues, clearly display the early American belief that truth derives from God. In a recent post entitled The Atheists Who Honored the Bible, Darrow wrote about the founding of Western education in a biblical understanding. … Continue reading

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EUPRAXIA: Education for Skills is Not Enough

The goal of the Puritan vision for education was the practice of right living. Noah Webster (1758-1843), the father of American scholarship and education, was in the line of the Puritans and their radical Pilgrim cousins. He was a descendent … Continue reading

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