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Does Darrow Miller and Friends Promote Theonomy?

I am curious as to how you feel about “theonomy.” It is a word I come across in my various online discussions. Do you consider yourselves at DNA to be “theonomists?” One of our most active readers, Jon Davis, recently asked that … Continue reading

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WHAT IS CHRISTIANITY? Chuck Colson Answers the Big Question

No doubt many of our readers are aware of the recent death of Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship and a highly influential evangelical leader. We recently came across an 18-minute address Chuck gave at Q: Ideas For the Common … Continue reading

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LOVE NEVER FAILS: The Christian Response to Jihadism

Governments have the responsibility to defend their nation against terrorist enemies. But the church has a different responsibility: to love. Christ calls us to love even our enemies. The church responds to the violence of the sword with the vulnerability … Continue reading

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LOVE CELLS: The Christian Answer to Terror Cells

A recent report from Australia showed video of a confrontation between atheists and Islamists. In light of the message of Darrow’s new book, this story caught our attention. It represents, as he put it, an opportunity to “stand in the … Continue reading

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Does DNA Teach the “Prosperity Gospel”?

- by Gary Brumbelow A post last week entitled, Freedom, Prosperity, and the Great Commission triggered the following response from a reader and blogger in his own right, Jon Davis, Jr. I find that if I say things like what … Continue reading

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Freedom, Prosperity, and the Great Commission

by Gary Brumbelow In the name of Allah take this and use it wisely. A few years ago I watched video presentation about the Grameen Bank. Founder Muhammad Yunus was handing out $20 bills to beggars in Asia to finance their … Continue reading

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Out of Africa: What Nation Discipling Looks Like

Jesus commanded His followers to disciple the nations. What does a discipled nation look like? In his forthcoming book, Emancipating the World, Darrow Miller writes: Shaped by today’s values, the church has focused its evangelism and discipleship on individuals, blinded … Continue reading

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What A Nation’s Culture Reveals About its God

Culture arises from the cult … when belief in the cult has been wretchedly enfeebled, the culture will decay swiftly. The material order rests upon the spiritual order. … The culture can be renewed only if the cult is renewed; … Continue reading

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Abuse a Dog and Serve Two Years; Murder a Newborn and Do Community Service

When I read the news item excerpted below, I thought of one of the key themes in Darrow’s forthcoming book, i.e. that the ethos of a society is determined by its worship. (In the book, Darrow points out the link … Continue reading

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Ideas Have Consequences … A Columbus Day Reflection

Per the subtitle of this blog, we believe that truth has the power to transform culture. That’s why, a few weeks ago, we highlighted Dr. Marvin Olasky’s challenging piece Darwin Matters: The Influence of Evolutionary Thinking Far Beyond Biology. This … Continue reading

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