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Turning Out the Lights in Japan

This is post 8 of 21 in the series “Whiteboard animation” One of our most popular posts is entitled Turning Out the Lights in Japan: Negative Population Growth. Darrow wrote it after a Japanese physician told him, “We are turning out the lights in Japan. Japanese are no longer having children.” Click

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Gender Delusion: Death to Binary

Last year, the “in” thing for postmoderns was “gender neutrality”: bathrooms, pronouns, names, birth certificates, wedding and drivers’ licenses. Even gender-neutral parents and gender-neutral children. Until recent years, we used men’s rooms and women’s rooms. No one would have thought of a man going into a women’s restroom or shower

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The Two-Way Window in the Womb

Did you know there is a two-way window in a mother’s womb? For years researchers have peered through this window, often using ultrasound and other techniques. They have found that the baby’s sense of touch, taste, smell, and hearing are developing while in the womb. A pre-born baby learns to

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