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A LOVE Better Than Life

In two recent posts, (Compassion, the Noun That Used to be a Verb and Mom’s Compassion is Like God … and So is Dad’s) we examined some of the Bible’s key vocabulary about compassion. God himself is the author of compassion. If we are serious about compassion, we must understand

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The OXYMORON of Atheist Compassion

Atheism provides no basis for compassion and social justice. “Atheist compassion” is an oxymoron (a statement that contradicts itself, like “jumbo shrimp.”) That is not to say that atheists are never compassionate; they often are. But their compassion is not driven by their philosophy. The natural end of atheistic thought is social

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No GOD, No HOPE: How Atheism Ambushed Optimism in the West

Welfare instead of wealth creation is the legacy of atheism in the West.   The populations of the world [will] increase in geometric proportions while the food resources available for them [will] increase only in arithmetic proportions. That famous prediction, from a book titled An Essay on the Principles of Population, missed

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“Like the Beasts that Perish”: The Darwinian Demise of Compassion

The rise of atheistic evolution in the West did not leave our practice of compassion unscathed. Many readers will remember seeing something like this graphic during their public school experience. It’s meant to show the evolution of the horse. But the effects of teaching evolution are far greater than memories of childhood school

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