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Guinness: The Brand that Made God Look Good

Arthur Guinness operated a brewery for the glory of God. You could say he was part of the Monday Church of his generation. On Sunday Christ followers gather for worship, fellowship, and equipping. On Monday they go all over the city to be the … Continue reading

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Shaping the Generation of the Future

Failure to see the future coming condemns societies to poverty. One of the things I have heard over and over again in my years working among the poor is the fatalistic mantra, “We are poor and there is nothing we … Continue reading

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Husband and Husbandry: Preserving and Protecting

Wendell Berry (born August 5, 1934) is a true intellectual. He’s also a farmer. He models what we will see someday in the garden city (see Revelation 22:1-5). Berry comes from a long line of Kentucky farmers. His life is … Continue reading

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Why Cities Should Reflect the New Jerusalem

History began in a garden and will end in a city! We are the children of Adam and Eve; the Cultural Mandate given to our first parents  (Genesis 1:26-28) remains in force today. We are to have children, form families … Continue reading

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What I Learned About BEAUTY from Edith Schaeffer

Our good friend Nancy Pearcey wrote a brief eulogy for Edith Schaeffer, who died March 30 in Switzerland. Edith  taught us both about the apologetics of beauty. Nancy’s post by that title tells it much better than I can.  What most impressed … Continue reading

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Create Something on Earth to Hang on Heaven’s Wall

When I was in school, my teachers in two subjects taught me the concept of transposition. In math we learned to move a number and its sign from one side of the equation to another. In music we learned to … Continue reading

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Why Christian Couples Should Have Children

Some time back I was talking to a young man who had married about a year earlier. The conversation turned to children and he remarked that they weren’t sure they were going to have kids. I gently reminded him that … Continue reading

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The Atheists Who Honored the Bible

I recently witnessed an unlikely scene: the Bible exalted by an atheist government! While driving down Nyezalyezhnastsi Boulevard to the international airport in Minsk, Belarus, we encountered a feast for the eyes, the just-completed National Library of Belarus. An intriguing statue stood near … Continue reading

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How to Disciple a Nation with a Paintbrush

In a post last January we mentioned a friend in India who is using art to disciple his nation. We are happy to bring you this update. Discipling Nations. In the last few months we have had surprising opportunities to share … Continue reading

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Thy Will be Done at Boeing as it is in Heaven: WORK and the Bible

Labor Day. This is the perfect opportunity to touch on one of those biblical topics neglected in so much Christian teaching: work. Yes, God has lots to say about our work. We have featured Dr. Christian Overman of Worldview Matters in … Continue reading

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