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Coram Deo: Made for God’s Presence

Coram Deo is about living every moment of our lives before the face of God–in his presence, under his authority, and for his glory–whether in the sanctuary, in the home or in the marketplace and the public square. That being the case, … Continue reading

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John Calvin on Discipling the Nations

Most Christians have heard the name John Calvin, one of the leading Protestant reformers. Not as many know the scope of his influence on the city of Geneva, the nation of Switzerland, and all of Europe and the West. The legacy of … Continue reading

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Shalom: Watch God at Work in History

When God shows up in human history today, what happens? What does that look like? The gospel spreading? Prayer movements launching? Churches growing? Disciples maturing? Yes, of course. And hungry people being fed. Desperate poverty decreasing. Diseases diminishing. Families living … Continue reading

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Darrow Miller, William Wilberforce and You

William Wilberforce was the brave Brit who spent a career in parliament fighting, and finally ending, the British slave trade. Darrow has often referenced Wilberforce as an example of a life spent bringing truth, beauty, and goodness to the world. … Continue reading

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Dualism: The Hidden Effect of Secular Education on Christian Children

Dualism, not atheism, may be the bigger threat to Christian students in the public school classroom. Many people seem to think that, while instruction based in any organized religion is unacceptable indoctrination, the precepts of materialist atheism (the worldview of … Continue reading

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Coram Deo: the “Big Idea” of the Christian Life

The DNA exists to serve the church, helping her rise to her full potential in blessing, healing and restoring broken nations. The mission is in response to a real and tragic problem. Far too often, churches are having little positive … Continue reading

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EUPRAXIA: Education for Skills is Not Enough

The goal of the Puritan vision for education was the practice of right living. Noah Webster (1758-1843), the father of American scholarship and education, was in the line of the Puritans and their radical Pilgrim cousins. He was a descendent … Continue reading

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Does DNA Teach the “Prosperity Gospel”?

- by Gary Brumbelow A post last week entitled, Freedom, Prosperity, and the Great Commission triggered the following response from a reader and blogger in his own right, Jon Davis, Jr. I find that if I say things like what … Continue reading

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Can a nation really be transformed? The other Norwegian story

The current trial of self-confessed Norwegian killer Anders Breivik highlights an important observation: one person can transform a nation by great evil … but also by great good. As I teach in many countries about the need for the church to … Continue reading

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William Carey: Missionary Extraordinaire

Mission Frontiers is the journal published by the U.S. Center for World Mission founded by the late Dr. Ralph Winter. We are excited and grateful that this premier missionary publication is printing this excerpt from Scott Allen’s new book, Beyond the Sacred-Secular … Continue reading

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