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  1. Koela Brian says:

    what an exciting work to be involved in the work of real transformation through the church

  2. Eli says:

    I wish you all the best for teachings and lectures ahead! I hope that you can visit us in Africa sometime. I read your book disciplining nations during my community development training and it was my favorite book really. I wrote a four page book report. I would love to meet you in person too.

    • admin says:

      Hello, Eli. Thank you for reading and responding. We are happy to know you found our material helpful.

      Darrow has been to Africa many times. Today, a robust network of Disciple Nations Alliance trainers is very active in Africa operating under the name Samaritan Strategy Africa (SSA). You can read more about that here where you will also find contact information for African leaders of SSA.

      Gary Brumbelow

  3. Larry Monzon says:

    I have been reading the book Discipling Nations over and over. Most of my discussions are based on this book including my sermons. I just finished sharing the book in a few leaders of the church using a power point presentation. I plan to continue this in other interested group of Christians. Everytime my sister in Washington comes to the Philippines, she brings several copies which I give them as gift to some influential people I know and meet. I am getting passionate to the book wherein I plan to develop a module on “Building Community in the Workplace”. It will be more beneficial if I can attend a lecture or training from your end somewhere near the Philippines if not in the Philippines.

    • admin says:

      Hello, Larry, thanks for your response and we are delighted to know you have been helped by Discipling Nations. That was the book that first got me on the DNA track as well!

      Our key contact in the Philippines is Rey Taniajura. You can reach him at rey_taniajura@yahoo.com.

      Also be sure to check out the just finished online training opportunity, Coram Deo. This is a wonderful resource. It allows you to complete our flagship training offering, the Vision Conference, from wherever you are.

      Gary Brumbelow

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