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Why I Focus on Three Worldview Categories

Recently a good friend challenged me to re-formulate my basic worldview categories. He had been reading James Anderson’s book, What’s Your Worldview and liked Anderson’s four basic categories. He suggested I adopt this framework. His suggestion prompted this reflection. My own worldview journey began with Francis Schaeffer at L’Abri Fellowship

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Restoring the Breach: A Conversation Between Practitioners in Africa

Too often, a truncated gospel message has accompanied our outreach efforts. As Scott Allen has written elsewhere, an artificial division between personal faith and daily life leaves a fragmented Christianity, full of gaps. The effects are perhaps nowhere more obvious than in Africa. Church movements have been built on the sacred-secular

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Demons Relocated at Airport

A friend, Ric Nesimiuk, who has been involved for many years with DNA training in Asia, recently brought this story to my attention. It’s from the Bangkok Post, October 9, 2009 and is titled Demons to be Relocated At Airport. Twelve ‘demon statues’ at Suvarnabhumi airport believed to have brought bad

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Spiritual Vaccuum Leads to Embrace of Premodern Religions

As Europe and America have become post Christian, they have turned to Modernism – Secularism. As they have come to experience the spiritual void of Atheistic-Materialism, they become Post-Modern. And what is Post-Modernism? Unfortunately, there has not been a return to Christ and the powerful Judeo-Christian worldview that was at

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