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“SOCIAL JUSTICE” Means Freedom to Work

The phrase “Right to Work” has received lots of press lately. And the Bible has something important to say about work. In fact, God’s view of work is related to His view of compassion. In two recent posts we highlighted four of seven principles of compassion, or social justice, identified

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What Good is a Business?

A friend recently sent me the book, Thou Shalt Prosper, by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. The author builds a case for business owners (as well as the public) to recognize how much common good is contributed to society by a well-run business. Too many fine business people prefer to talk about their

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Animism: The Curse of Fate (Cont.)

The following blog is fifth in a six-part series on worldview and work taken from Darrow Miller’s new book LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day. In some developing countries you will find men with very long fingernails on their pinky finger as a sign of their

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LifeWork Arrival and MondayChurch.org Official Launch!

Finally, Darrow Miller’s new book is available for purchase and immediate shipment! Through August 31st, you have the opportunity to buy this book at a deep discount of $8.95. Anyone who desires the Church’s deeper impact in all areas of society should own, study, and share this book. In addition

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More Hope for Africa

Time Magazine just came out with its annual list of “Ten Ideas Changing the World Right Now.” One trend that stood out for me was “Africa, Business Destination.” I try to keep pace with development trends affecting the continent, but I must say that I was surprised at some of

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