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I’m Only a Stay at Home Mom

Many women who decide to leave the workforce and become a stay at home mom struggle with their sense of dignity. Society affirms women who work outside the home, but not those dear souls who want to make a home, who have a desire to nurture their children “full-time.” In

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Our Antimaternal Age

Original photo all4desktop.com We live in a new era of human history, the age of the antimaternal. From the beginning of time, people have understood that it was normal, natural … yes, even beautiful, to have children. Not anymore. The sexist’s war against women has been replaced with the modern

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Same-Sex vs. Opposite-Sex: Different for the Children

Our readers are no doubt aware of the pending Supreme Court case regarding same-sex marriage. Because of the timeliness and significance of the issue, we will be publishing a series of daily posts this week only, from Scott Allen, the president of Disciple Nations Alliance. In Part 4 of his

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Electronic Stories are Influencing Your Children

“Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly” (James 3:1 NIV). The apostle James’s warning carries at least one obvious implication: teachers influence their listeners. This is especially true if the listeners are children, who

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The Mother is the Teacher … But What Will She Teach?

We’ve written before about the power of a mother, not only in the life of a child but in the development of a society. In her powerful essay, The Christian View of the Child, mother and lifelong educator, Dr. Elizabeth Youmans writes: A culture can be judged by the way it

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Why 20 Percent of Women in the US Never Have Children

Imagine a world where children are considered a competition to personal pleasure. Where couples marry but choose not to have children because they want to play. Actually, that world is already here. We’ve written about this troubling trend before: Why Christian Couples Should Have Children Radical Feminism and the End of

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Turning Out the Lights in Japan: Negative Population Growth

photo by Shinichi Sugiyama (chez_sugi) from tokyo, japan – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0   A few years ago, after I finished a lecture in Tokyo a Japanese physician came up to me and announced,  “We are turning out the lights in Japan!” I sensed what he meant but asked him

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The Influence of the FAMILY on NATIONS … New Book Released

The family is one theme we write about regularly here at Darrow Miller and Friends. For example, recently we published, “Nations in Disorder – From Where Shall Help Come?” which included this paragraph: There is growing disorder in our societies across the spectrum of the human community.  At one end

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What Today’s WOMEN (and Men) Owe to Lydia Sigourney

Women and men alike owe much to an obscure maternal feminist who died 150 years ago. In language that sounds almost quaint, E.B. Huntington wrote the following tribute to a woman named Lydia Sigourney, on the occasion of her death. Were any intelligent American citizen now asked to name the

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The Parents Were Missing So The Church Stepped In

Parents remain the vital link to child’s development, as I was reminded when I watched a recent documentary, “Undivided.” The picture told the story of a relationship between a local church and a public school in Portland, Oregon. Southlake Church initially connected with a struggling public school, Roosevelt High, and its

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