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Like Father, Like Children: God’s Compassion Shows Up In His Offspring

Compassion, often referred to today as “social justice,” has an ancient derivation: it comes from God. Marvin Olasky, editor in chief of WORLD Magazine, wrote The Tragedy of American Compassion in 1994. We have been reflecting on Olaskay’s seven principles, … Continue reading

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Coram Deo: the “Big Idea” of the Christian Life

The DNA exists to serve the church, helping her rise to her full potential in blessing, healing and restoring broken nations. The mission is in response to a real and tragic problem. Far too often, churches are having little positive … Continue reading

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Christmas Wonders of the Kingdom

We are happy to offer this excellent Christmas reflection by Bob Lupton. Wise men, from the east. That’s how Matthew described them. Magi, leaders of sufficient import to gain a personal audience with Herod the Great. Three of them plus … Continue reading

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Jesus Christ: Messiah for All Peoples

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of God’s Messiah, His gift to Israel and to the world. As a young Christian interested in missions I came across books authored by a Canadian missionary named Don Richardson. Richardson lived among animistic … Continue reading

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Why are NORTH and SOUTH Korea Such Opposites?

Wikipedia’s article on Korea opens with this description:  “… an East Asian country that is currently divided into two separate sovereign states, North Korea and South Korea.” The two Koreas have much in common. They share the same ethnic and linguistic background. They share the same peninsula, the same relatively harsh … Continue reading

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WANTED: God’s Fashion Designers

“Can a Christian be a fashion designer?” That question was put to me recently after I taught a session on worldview and life work to a group of young Christians in Chile. The young inquirer told me she loved to design … Continue reading

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What Does the Bible Say About Loving the World?

God so loved the world … John’s gospel 3:16 Do not love the world … John’s first epistle 2:15 In my previous post I pointed out that Matthew 6:24 and Colossians 3:2, understood in context, do not contradict the larger … Continue reading

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One Geography, Two Nations: Why is America Becoming More Polarized?

The following post is offered in response to Ben Hoffman’s comments last week. I think most observers of American society would agree that we are becoming more polarized. We are a nation divided. In fact, we are actually two very … Continue reading

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God Plus Ordinary People = Impact

Over the years I have been struck by the fact that God inhabits the ordinary. The birth of a child is an everyday miracle. God often uses unknown people to change their community or world. Dallas Willard captures this concept … Continue reading

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Restoring the Breach: A Conversation Between Practitioners in Africa

Too often, a truncated gospel message has accompanied our outreach efforts. As Scott Allen has written elsewhere, an artificial division between personal faith and daily life leaves a fragmented Christianity, full of gaps. The effects are perhaps nowhere more obvious than … Continue reading

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