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Coram Deo: Before the Face of God

Coram Deo is about living every moment of our lives before the face of God–in his presence, under his authority, and for his glory–whether in the sanctuary, in the home or in the marketplace and the public square. That being the case, we have chosen the term Coram Deo for

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The CHURCH: A New Way to Promote What is Real

Ken Myers, who writes at Mars Hill Audio, is a leading voice calling the church to truly be the church, living and serving the nation so that its very culture is transformed. We have quoted Ken before. Ken recently posted a penetrating three-minute monologue about the nature of true discipleship.

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The SEDUCTION of Relativism: Why the DNA Affirms Truth and Not Merely Belief

How do truth and belief relate? The question may be more important than you realize. One of the milestones in my life was 1969 in L’Abri, Switzerland. Marilyn and I were studying  with the Schaeffers. We were living in the home of Udo and Debbie (Schaeffer) Middelmann. One Sunday evening

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What I Learned About BEAUTY from Edith Schaeffer

Our good friend Nancy Pearcey wrote a brief eulogy for Edith Schaeffer, who died March 30 in Switzerland. Edith  taught us both about the apologetics of beauty. Nancy’s post by that title tells it much better than I can.  What most impressed me in knowing Edith at L’Abri was her emphasis on

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The HARVARD WALL that Exposes the Modernist Rewrite of History

By Ingfbruno – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 Harvard and Yale, among other venues, clearly display the early American belief that truth derives from God. In a recent post entitled The Atheists Who Honored the Bible, Darrow wrote about the founding of Western education in a biblical understanding. The Founders

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Like Father, Like Children: God’s Compassion Shows Up In His Offspring

Compassion, often referred to today as “social justice,” has an ancient derivation: it comes from God. Marvin Olasky, editor in chief of WORLD Magazine, wrote The Tragedy of American Compassion in 1994. We have been reflecting on Olaskay’s seven principles, first in There is No True Social Justice Without Personal

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Coram Deo: the “Big Idea” of the Christian Life

The DNA exists to serve the church, helping her rise to her full potential in blessing, healing and restoring broken nations. The mission is in response to a real and tragic problem. Far too often, churches are having little positive impact on their surrounding cultures. Instead, their behaviors often reflect

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Christmas Wonders of the Kingdom

We are happy to offer this excellent Christmas reflection by Bob Lupton. Wise men, from the east. That’s how Matthew described them. Magi, leaders of sufficient import to gain a personal audience with Herod the Great. Three of them plus their considerable entourage. Tradition has ascribed to them names –

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Jesus Christ: Messiah for All Peoples

At Christmas we celebrate the birth of God’s Messiah, His gift to Israel and to the world. As a young Christian interested in missions I came across books authored by a Canadian missionary named Don Richardson. Richardson lived among animistic tribal people in Western New Guinea in the nation of

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Why are NORTH and SOUTH Korea Such Opposites?

Wikipedia’s article on Korea opens with this description:  “… an East Asian country that is currently divided into two separate sovereign states, North Korea and South Korea.” The two Koreas have much in common. They share the same ethnic and linguistic background. They share the same peninsula, the same relatively harsh climate and geography. But while so basically similar, the two

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