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Commerce, Roads, and Mennonite Obedience to the Cultural Mandate

In our previous post we pointed out that community existed before the creation in the three-in-one God. Here we will pursue a further dimension of that truth as it was lived out in the Mennonite communities of the Gran Chaco. The … Continue reading

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Christian Artists: Imitators of the Grand Creator

Darrow Miller and Friends is a big fan of Christian artists. That flows from the Cultural Mandate of Genesis 1:26-28 and 2:15. Darrow writes about this concept in his book, LifeWork. What God made in Genesis chapter 1 was perfect, but it … Continue reading

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The Create Commission: Artists Serving the Kingdom

For years I have been speaking about the role of the church as the wellspring of the arts for a society. I have also talked and written about worldview and the arts.  When I speak on these things, it usually … Continue reading

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How to Disciple a Nation with a Paintbrush

In a post last January we mentioned a friend in India who is using art to disciple his nation. We are happy to bring you this update. Discipling Nations. In the last few months we have had surprising opportunities to share … Continue reading

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Freedom Comes From Religious Education, But Not Just Any Religion

Mike Metzger’s recent essay, The Fourth R caught my attention. (As we wrote here, Mike is the Senior Fellow and President of the Clapham Institute. His weekly DoggieHead Tilt blog is a regular part of my reading.) Mike says the … Continue reading

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Helicopters, Light Bulbs, and Breakfast

Kudos to Dr. Christian Overman for this excellent post on the Great Commission. If you find his thought intriguing, you will want to read the soon-to-be-published book by Darrow on the Great Commission. We hope to have an expected release … Continue reading

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What Good is a Business?

A friend recently sent me the book, Thou Shalt Prosper, by Rabbi Daniel Lapin. The author builds a case for business owners (as well as the public) to recognize how much common good is contributed to society by a well-run business. … Continue reading

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Does Jesus Send Us to Engage the Culture?

Dr. Richard Edlin, President of Edserv International, recently wrote a very fine article, IS CULTURAL ENGAGEMENT BIBLICAL? Anyone interested in the concept of “cultural engagement” and whether it has a valid place in gospel ministry would do well to read this paper. … Continue reading

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The Cultural Mandate and The Great Commission

For the church to be a positive force in creating healthy, prosperous and free societies, it must recover an understanding of the Cultural Mandate found in Genesis 1:26-28 and 2:15. Darrow describes the Cultural Mandate in his new book LifeWork … Continue reading

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