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EDUCATION for Freedom vs. TRAINING for Slavery

The human mind, bestowed by a Divine Creator, has developed remarkable technologies. How ironic that this rise of technical innovation could lead to the demise of the mind that invented the technologies in the first place! We have written elsewhere … Continue reading

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The Mother as the First Teacher

A mother is the first teacher of every exemplar and every scoundrel. Too often we leave our children’s education to television, video games, the state, or their peers. Too many parents have abdicated their responsibility, largely because they no longer … Continue reading

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What Happened to Education in America

Years ago my son brought home a note from school informing us that his teacher would be doing a unit on sex education. So I met with the teacher. Among other concerns, I wanted to know what values guided her … Continue reading

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School vs. Education: The Difference Matters

Often at the beginning of the traditional school year I recall something I heard Francis Schaeffer say at L’ Abri Fellowship in Switzerland: “Don’t let your children’s schooling get in the way of their education!” Actually the expression was not … Continue reading

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Dualism: The Hidden Effect of Secular Education on Christian Children

Dualism, not atheism, may be the bigger threat to Christian students in the public school classroom. Many people seem to think that, while instruction based in any organized religion is unacceptable indoctrination, the precepts of materialist atheism (the worldview of … Continue reading

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ENCYCLOPEDIA: Whole Education for a Whole Life

Education in the West has suffered from the influence of atheism. The rise of atheism brought the death of absolute truth and morality in the West. Without an infinite and transcendent reference point, individuals became the center of the universe. … Continue reading

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VERITAS – The Puritan Pursuit of Truth

The Puritans, preserving the line of faithful and orthodox Christians, have always had a passion for Truth. This pattern was established in the story of the Bereans who asked if what the Apostle Paul was saying was true (Acts 17:11). … Continue reading

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A Child’s Imagination: Seedbed for Good or for Ill, Truth or Lies, Life or Death

Dr. Elizabeth Youmans, president and CEO of Chrysalis International and one of DNA’s ideas shapers, travels the world in her efforts to help churches effectively disciple children and youth. We are happy to offer the following excerpt from Dr. Youmans’s recent newsletter. … Continue reading

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School is Not the Same as Education

School and education … two words, two concepts. Sometimes they overlap, sometimes they don’t. I’ll never forget the day I heard Francis Schaeffer say, “Never let your children’s schooling stand in the way of their education!” I was shocked. I had … Continue reading

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A Calling for Christian Professors

Daryl McCarthy decribes how his life was profoundly impacted a few years ago by a stranger who, in his university days, had himself been deeply influenced. … a particularly brilliant professor galvanized his life and radically changed his worldview, his … Continue reading

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