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The Mother as the First Teacher

A mother is the first teacher of every exemplar and every scoundrel. Too often we leave our children’s education to television, video games, the state, or their peers. Too many parents have abdicated their responsibility, largely because they no longer have a God-ordained vision for the family and for education.

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School vs. Education: The Difference Matters

Mental Calculations in the school of S.Rachinsky, by Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky, Public Domain School vs. education? What does that mean? Have you ever heard anyone say, “Don’t let your children’s schooling get in the way of their education”? I heard Francis Schaeffer say that at L’ Abri Fellowship in Switzerland years ago. Actually,

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Dualism: The Hidden Effect of Secular Education on Christian Children

Dualism, not atheism, may be the bigger threat to Christian students in the public school classroom. Many people seem to think that, while instruction based in any organized religion is unacceptable indoctrination, the precepts of materialist atheism (the worldview of choice in most public-school classrooms) are evenhanded, clinical, non-partisan facts.

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