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Obama Can Deny the Existence of Evil but He Can’t Make Evil Disappear

“The problem with you Americans is that you don’t believe in evil.” The charge is taken from a work of fiction, but it’s altogether true in fact. That sentence appears in Joel C. Rosenberg’s 2002 novel, The Last Jihad. Rosenberg is a Messianic-Jewish writer and political strategist. He puts the words in

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WHO AM I to Judge Pole Dancing Classes for Children?

Is beauty really “in the eye of the beholder”? We are repeatedly assured that there is no objective standard by which to judge art. Art is a “level playing field,” they tell us. Value, like taste, is culturally and individually defined. To this way of thinking, it’s prosaic at best

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Music that Writes Culture, Part 7

I mentioned earlier that years ago I had a “revelation” when I was singing this hymn. This was the stanza that startled me. There is an imperative here, “No more let sins and sorrows grow!”  How far?  “As far as the curse is found.”  Here in this hymn are marching

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