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The Roots of the Global Economic Crisis

[The following post, refreshed  from its original publication, is highly relevant to the current political-economic environment.] The global economic crisis is, at its root, a moral and metaphysical crisis. Our economic principles and polices are founded on assumptions which are either theistic or atheistic. One set of assumptions fits reality the

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Western Society Seeks Alternative Spirituality

This was written as a response to numerous comments that Darrow received on his last post. It seems that this blog struck a chord with some people who are Atheists in their belief/faith system. A number have called me on my assertion that Atheism is dying and they have stated

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Global Economic Crisis – Part 6 of 6

There are three primary options of governance:  license, tyranny and freedom. License is what some people in the West mean by “freedom.”  Freedom, in an Atheistic framework, is defined as the ability to do what one pleases.  People do what “feels good,” they follow their noses.  This concept means that

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Global Economic Crisis – Part 4 of 6

As we continue to reflect on the global economic crisis, we have said that the root of the problem is not technical or lack of money. The root of the problem is in mental infrastructure between Theism and Atheism, and between their corresponding economic paradigm of oikonomia and chrematistics. These

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Global Economic Crisis – Part 3 of 6

As mentioned in the previous blog, the current global economic crisis is really a moral and metaphysical crisis. All social, economic and political institutions are founded on what might be called a “mental infrastructure” or set of ideas and ideals. To put it differently every culture has a “story” that

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Global Economic Crisis – Part 2 of 6

Yes, we are faced with a global economic crisis. However, the root is a metaphysical crises. The Atheistic-Materialistic metaphysic that is at the foundation of the new global economy is insufficient to sustain either a personal-family economy or a healthy global economy. The English word economics is derived from the

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Global Economic Crisis – Part 1 of 6

If you are like me, you are wondering what is going on with the economy. This is certainly the worst financial crisis we have witnessed in our lifetimes, and yet it may reach or exceed the severity of what has been known as the Great Depression of the 1930’s. On

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