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Joy, the Fruit of Obedience

This is post 5 of 7 in the series “7 key virtues” Joy, for most of us, fluctuates with our circumstances. When things are going well, we’re happy. We have joy. But everyone has a bad day now and then. And some people live with seemingly impossible burdens and sorrows.

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Christmas: The Original Fairy Tale

An American missionary family was living in a big city in Siberia. The children attended public schools, and every day mom and dad planned for dropping off and picking up the kids. They had no vehicle so they used public transportation. On one particular day, dad was scheduled to pick

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Precepts: The Unlikely Path to Joy

This is post 7 of 11 in the series “Psalm 19” Answer: God’s precepts! Question: Where does joy come from? The most beautiful song in the psalter affirms that The precepts of the LORD are right, giving joy to the heart, Psalm 19:8a. The Hebrew word translated “precepts” is פִּקּוּדִים (piq•qû•ḏîm): precepts, directions, regulation,

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Music that Writes Culture, Part 6

How are we to respond to this good news?  The answer is found in the second line of the stanza:  “Let men their songs employ!”  What does this mean? To employ is “to use as an instrument of means” (Noah Webster’s 1828).  We use a saw for cutting, a pen

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