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Reincarnation and JUSTICE … in Cricket and in Life

Justice is ill-served, even in sports, in a worldview built on reincarnation. That’s the gist of a recent article picked up by Yahoo News from Pradeep Magazine in the Hindustan Times. The writer, in a piece entitled Crime and punishment an … Continue reading

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Abortion, Gosnell, and Justice: Which Way the Future?

We recently wrote two posts about modern-day barbarians. The first was about China’s use of aborted babies to make cosmetics for Western consumption. Then we wrote about the trial of the modern day Hannibal Lecter, Kermit Gosnell. Gosnell’s trial is … Continue reading

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What’s LOVE Got to Do with Immigration?

How should love change the way we participate in today’s immigration debate? A big piece of the answer was posted recently at The Gospel Coalition by DNA board member, Tyler Johnson. Tyler is the lead pastor of Redemption Church, a … Continue reading

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God Plus Ordinary People = Impact

Over the years I have been struck by the fact that God inhabits the ordinary. The birth of a child is an everyday miracle. God often uses unknown people to change their community or world. Dallas Willard captures this concept … Continue reading

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A Call for Balladeers

Recently I had the privilege of teaching at the YWAM base in Puerto Rico. I love being with these folks because of their heart for the message of Biblical worldview, and their readiness to apply DNA teaching in creative art … Continue reading

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God, the Bible, and Political Justice … continued

As believers today, our struggle with a split concept of reality is often revealed in our dualism between the Old and New Testament.  Jesus labors with our tendency towards this in Matthew 5: 17 “Do not think that I have come … Continue reading

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God, the Bible and Political Justice

If we are to think like the God of the Bible we must begin where He begins.  And God begins in Genesis with the creation of the cosmos, the earth, and everything in it.  Just two chapters are dedicated to this space-and-time creation … Continue reading

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The Justice God Requires

Here in Arizona, we live with the reality of the dry wash, a stream bed that is bone dry most of the year but floods after a desert monsoon. This reminds me of Amos 5:24, But let justice roll on like … Continue reading

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