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Population Spiral: The Dearth of Denmark

We’ve written before about the Malthusian myth of overpopulation and its devastating consequences (see list of posts below). John Stonestreet’s recent article comprises a splendid companion piece; it’s worthy of your attention. Demographics and ‘Do It for Denmark’ The most unlikely … Continue reading

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Baby in a Bag

Recently, in the span of a week, three stories caught my attention, three  stories from three nations: Uruguay, Japan, and the USA. The first story came from a friend in Montevideo, Uruguay, who told me that Uruguay’s fertility rate of … Continue reading

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Why Christian Couples Should Have Children

Some time back I was talking to a young man who had married about a year earlier. The conversation turned to children and he remarked that they weren’t sure they were going to have kids. I gently reminded him that … Continue reading

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A Look at China’s Ghosts: The One-Child Policy Captured on Canvas

We have written many times in this blog about gendercide – the war against females and the impact on societies. We have also written on the need for artists to speak prophetically to culture. Here is a story that combines … Continue reading

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Life Expectancy and the Economic Effect of the Protestant Reformation … Who Knew?

Perhaps few people are aware of the powerful impact the Protest Reformation had on life expectancy in Europe. Prior to the 16th century European Reformation, virtually the entire world was poor including all of Europe. Andrew Bernstein, adjunct professor of … Continue reading

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