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Is Christian Freedom Disappearing in Canada?

How long will Christian freedom remain in North America? Unless the direction of our nations change dramatically, citizens of the United States and Canada will soon have occasion to apply these unforgettable lines credited to the German anti-Nazi, theologian, and Lutheran pastor, Martin … Continue reading

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RELIGIOUS FREEDOM in America: Will it Survive?

Among the nations of the world, America has long been the bastion of religious freedom. That freedom is already eroding, but it must not be allowed to further diminish. It must be restored. Eric Metaxas has become something of a … Continue reading

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In Defense of Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is under attack globally … … in many Asian nations where a residue of Communism forces the church to operate underground. … in the rise of the so-called “Arab Spring” where Christians and reformed-minded Muslims who once had a modicum … Continue reading

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The Rule of Law in America: Is it time for civil disobedience?

One of the principles of a free society is the rule of law.  A nation is to be ruled by law and not men standing above the law. Even the king or the emperor is to be under the law. … Continue reading

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