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What the Language of Creation is Telling Us

Is truth “made,” or is it discovered? Is history meaningless or purposeful? The current, global discussion of the nature of human sexuality, of marriage and family arises from two very different worldviews. One worldview sees truth as a social construct, the other sees truth as objective. One view regards human

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Creation Laws: Wisdom Sustains the Universe

Wisdom and its fruit—shalom—is found when we live in synch with God’s order. God governs the universe through a set of laws and ordinances. You could call them creation laws. They fit broadly into three categories: Truth (physical and metaphysical laws), Beauty (aesthetic laws), and Goodness (moral laws). Truth Truth

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Imagination, the Human Capacity for Godlike Creativity

Imagination is one of the Creator’s most valuable gifts to his human creatures. When imagination is nurtured, we flourish. When it is suppressed, we languish. My friend, Ana, spent several days sitting and talking with a group of young teen girls. I asked them, “Do you have dreams?” “We stop

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CREATOR and CREATION: How Did God Make It Happen? part 2

Here’s the conclusion to part 1 of  CREATOR and CREATION: How Did God Make It Happen? published on Monday. There was soon light enough for them to see one another’s faces. The Cabby and the two children had open mouths and shining eyes; they were drinking in the sound, and they

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CREATOR and CREATION: How Did God Make It Happen?

Over the years, as I have taught on the significance of worldview for our lives and for the creation of godly culture, I have always touched briefly on how God created. In fact Genesis 1 reveals that God created the universe by speaking words. He spoke words to create “And God

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