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CREATING WEALTH is Better Than Curing Poverty

When I worked for a relief and development organization, I became convinced that lack of resources was not the primary cause of poverty. I came to see that the root cause of poverty–and the cure of poverty–lies in a peoples’ worldview. Are human beings merely animals to be fed, or

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Wealth Creation: The Theological Dimension

One of the books that most shaped my work on Discipling the Nations was The Creation of Wealth by Brian Griffiths. Griffiths has been Dean of the City University Business School in London, a direc­tor of the Bank of England. In the modern materialistic world wealth is seen as a

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The Power of a Pencil

Where do we find the resources for the development of communities and nations? Our answer will reveal which economic model we embrace. The Atheistic-Materialistic model assumes that human beings are fundamentally animals who consume resources. Resources, in this model, are material things that lie in the ground and thus, by definition,

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