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Rick Pearcey: Francis Schaeffer on Authoritarian Government

Rick Pearcey writes about authoritarian government

John Richard Pearcey is a writer and professional editor who publishes of The Pearcey Report and its blog, Pro-Existence. He is formerly managing editor of the Capitol Hill newspaper Human Events and associate editor of the “Evans-Novak Political Report.” Born in Germany, educated in the United States, Canada, and Germany, with informal studies at L’Abri Fellowship in Huemoz, Switzerland, Pearcey’s writings have appeared at American ThinkerThe Daily CallerCNS NewsExaminerWNDHuman EventsBoundlessCitizen,The World & I (published by the Washington Times Corporation), and elsewhere.

Consider the following quote from thinker Francis Schaeffer as Obama rejects the Founding vision rooted in unalienable rights, from a real and verifiable Creator, for an alien vision (alien to the U.S. and to human nature) rooted in private values (such as diversity, class warfare, homosexuality, mere economics, etc.) imposed by Washington:  

When the Christian consensus died, it left a vacuum, and this will tend to be filled by an elite to form an authoritarian state. When we speak of an authoritarian state, we must not think of the model of Hitler or Stalin, but rather a manipulative authoritarian state. The governments of the world have at their disposal forms of manipulation beyond anything the world has ever known before.

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