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No GOD, No HOPE: How Atheism Ambushed Optimism in the West

Welfare instead of wealth creation is the legacy of atheism in the West.   The populations of the world [will] increase in geometric proportions while the food resources available for them [will] increase only in arithmetic proportions. That famous prediction, from a book titled An Essay on the Principles of Population, missed

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It’s the Culture, Stupid: Romney’s Firestorm

A high-profile debate has begun over the relationship between culture and development. While speaking in Jerusalem, presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney cited The Wealth and Poverty of Nations. The book’s author, Dr. David Landis, is Professor Emeritus of Economic History from Harvard University. Here’s how Romney paraphrased Landis’s thesis:

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CULTURE Still Matters!

As most of our readers know, the Disciple Nations Alliance was born at the intersection of two seemingly unrelated issues: the more “philosophical” concept of worldview and the very practical world of poverty. We also have argued that culture matters in the world of poverty and development. Because ideas have consequences,

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