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A Thanksgiving Reflection: Why is the West Wealthier Than the Rest?

The West, as a whole, has developed beyond the rest of the world and in fact has blessed many in other parts of the globe. Notwithstanding its postmodern critics, including professors who love to censure Western civilization, the history of the West has something to teach the rest. While there

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The babies are alive. A recent headline from the little-known Center for Medical Progress should be front and center on every major newspaper and news broadcast: “University of Pittsburgh ADMITS Hearts Beating While Harvesting Aborted Infants’ Kidneys.” The Roe v Wade decision by the Supreme Court legalized aborting babies; it

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Male and Female, God’s Design

Recently I was talking with two artist friends in Brazil about a current project to develop an animated video from my lecture, “The Transcendence of Sexuality.” (See the video The Grand Design: Rediscovering Male and Female as Imago Dei, part of our Coram Deo online course.) During our conversation, one

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Image by Nicholas A. Tonelli, CC 4.0 Former General Attorney Bill Barr recently gave a devastating analysis of public-school education in America, coupled with a radical solution; families with school-age children would do well to heed his counsel. More on that below. But Barr was not the first to publicly

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Jordan Peterson and C.S. Lewis

Last week we published The Spiritual Pilgrimage of Jordan Peterson. We subsequently heard from a reader, Caitlin Basset, who wrote to thank Darrow for his post. She mentioned her own article on the same subject, published at The Stream. Hers is a very worthy companion post to ours, and we

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What the Jews Can Teach us About the MORAL UNIVERSE

This is post 1 of 2 in the series “the Jews and the world” What the Jews Can Teach us About the MORAL UNIVERSE Why Does the World HATE THE JEWS? Three questions interweave in ways that may not be immediately evident: they all relate to the moral universe. Why

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