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The babies are alive.

A recent headline from the little-known Center for Medical Progress should be front and center on every major newspaper and news broadcast: “University of Pittsburgh ADMITS Hearts Beating While Harvesting Aborted Infants’ Kidneys.”

The Roe v Wade decision by the Supreme Court legalized aborting babies; it has led to a whole new industry with a combined annual revenue of $1.3 billion, including approximately $530 million in government funding.

Now we are intentionally aborting babies “safely” and alive so their body parts can be harvested from fresh tissue that is receiving a blood supply from a baby with a beating babies are being killed for their body partsheart. We are allowing babies who are born alive to be murdered!

This did not happen in a vacuum. Our state-run schools have taught evolutionism for three generations, an atheistic ideology which, like the atheism of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, makes human life cheap and expendable. The same ideology that established Communism and Fascism is now manifesting itself fully in the West.

Ideas have consequences. This is nothing less than unspeakable evil! It should lead to moral outrage at every level of society!

What are the researchers at the University of Pittsburg thinking?

What are the students thinking?

What is the head of the department thinking?

What are the university grant writers thinking?

What is the administration thinking?

What are the United States congress members thinking who vote to fund this evil?

Where are the reporters who should be revealing this to the world?

Where is Tucker Carlson? This is the most important news story of the moment.

Where are the student protests? The faculty protests?


As a nation we are crossing a Rubicon of evil!

China and Germany … now America?

Unthinkable evil—murdering babies in and out of the womb—has obviously become thinkable in Western society. We disguise the truth with terms like “product of conception,” “tissue,” or “foreign growth” in a woman’s body. We regard a human being made in the image of God as an impediment to a woman’s life.

Can it really be that taking a human life by harvesting baby parts has become normal and acceptable in the United States of America?

Who are we as a people?

This is the end to which atheism leads. There is no God and we have lost our humanity! This is Communist China. This is Hitler’s Germany. Does it characterize America as well, a nation born, not from atheism, but theism?

What Niemoller said about Nazi Germany applies to babies in AmericaAt the rise of Hitler’s Third Reich, German Lutheran Pastor Martin Niemöller, like most German pastors and professing Christians, supported Hitler. The church and her leadership could have stood against Hitler and the evil he unveiled, but they did not. In hindsight Pastor Niemöller recognized his error. His reflection is a reminder to Christians and the church today to speak out, to stand against the growing evil in our nation before it is too late.

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Who will speak out?

Archbishop Chaput decries the kind of thinking that kills babies for body partsIn our own moment of history we have a prophetic voice, Bishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia. Chaput is the second Native American to be consecrated a bishop in the United States and the first Native American archbishop. Archbishop Chaput has prophetically stated the nation’s need for courageous Christians:

Apostasy is an interesting word. It comes from the Greek verb apostanai–which means to revolt or desert; literally ‘to stand away from.’ [Christians]…don’t need to publicly renounce their baptism [faith] to be apostates. They simply need to be silent when their… faith demands that they speak out; to be cowards when Jesus asks them to have courage; to ‘stand away’ from the truth when they need to work for it and fight for it.” [emphasis added]

Kudos to Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sean Parnell who is calling for a full investigation into this allegation of unspeakable horror.

For those of us who still have hearts and are using our minds to think, it is time to repent; it is time to speak up, act and stand against the growing tyranny,

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– Darrow Miller



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Darrow is co-founder of the Disciple Nations Alliance and a featured author and teacher. For over 30 years, Darrow has been a popular conference speaker on topics that include Christianity and culture, apologetics, worldview, poverty, and the dignity of women. From 1981 to 2007 Darrow served with Food for the Hungry International (now FH association), and from 1994 as Vice President. Before joining FH, Darrow spent three years on staff at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland where he was discipled by Francis Schaeffer. He also served as a student pastor at Northern Arizona University and two years as a pastor of Sherman Street Fellowship in urban Denver, CO. In addition to earning his Master’s degree in Adult Education from Arizona State University, Darrow pursued graduate studies in philosophy, theology, Christian apologetics, biblical studies, and missions in the United States, Israel, and Switzerland. Darrow has authored numerous studies, articles, Bible studies and books, including Discipling Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform Culture (YWAM Publishing, 1998), Nurturing the Nations: Reclaiming the Dignity of Women for Building Healthy Cultures (InterVarsity Press, 2008), LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day (YWAM, 2009), Rethinking Social Justice: Restoring Biblical Compassion (YWAM, 2015), and more. These resources along with links to free e-books, podcasts, online training programs and more can be found at Disciple Nations Alliance (https://disciplenations.org).


  1. Baaba

    September 6, 2021 - 1:19 pm

    We pray for grace to speak out against the wrong in our respective societies

    • admin

      October 8, 2021 - 7:31 am

      Baaba, God extends his grace, and Christ’s life and death provide the model for standing against injustice. What we need is the courage and the will to act and speak out.