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God’s Laws Promote Nations’ Lives

Teach the nations to follow God’s laws God’s commands are beautifully simple and wonderfully profound. Through obedience to God’s commands people and nations find freedom, life, and peace. According to Jesus’ Great Commission, his disciples are to continually engage in teaching the nations. Nations are to actively obey all Christ

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Why So Many Muslims in Indonesia?

Our friend Christian Overman writes wonderful material at his blog Worldview Matters, a platform we enthusiastically recommend to our readers. A DMF reader (thanks, Clark Dahl!) recently brought to our attention something Christian posted a while back, Not Part Of The Muslim Mindset. His article opens with a little-known observation and

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Discipling a Nation? Really?

Per the FAQ on the DNA website, “Discipling Nations Alliance is a worldwide alliance of Christian individuals, local churches and organizations committed to a common vision for church-based cultural transformation.” That’s another way to say what our name indicates: the goal is to see nations discipled, per Jesus’ Great Commission

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