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Dr. Christian Overman is founder and director of Worldview Matters. His blog is often featured at Darrow Miller and Friends. Dr. Overman is a writer, a speaker, a coach, and a Colson Centurion. Worldview Matters exists to help followers of Christ recover from secularized thought, and to make relevant connections between the biblical worldview and everyday life. The agency assists churches, schools and businesses in equipping their members to live out the implications of their faith in harmony with Christ and His Word. Christian and his wife, Kathy, have been married since 1972. They have 4 adult children, and 10 grandchildren.


Our friend Christian Overman does such a great job of sharing simple, succinct examples of worldview applied and worldview at work. Christian recently wrote … Last week I quoted Jeremiah 29:4-7 in reference to the notion that the Church in the United States has been deported to Babylon. God told

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Why So Many Muslims in Indonesia?

Our friend Christian Overman writes wonderful material at his blog Worldview Matters, a platform we enthusiastically recommend to our readers. A DMF reader (thanks, Clark Dahl!) recently brought to our attention something Christian posted a while back, Not Part Of The Muslim Mindset. His article opens with a little-known observation and

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How John Calvin Changed the Smelliest City of Europe

John Calvin was one of the Protestant reformers In the early 1500’s, Geneva was called “the smelliest city of Europe.” The walls of the city were in disrepair, the people were poor, and families were falling apart. The condition of the church was deplorable. Proof? Priests operated houses of prostitution. The people

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