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The Habitation of the Demonic (includes audio and video links)

This is post 7 of 8 in the series “Understanding the Times and the Seasons” Understanding the Times and Seasons Gothic Images from Today’s Culture The Three Worlds of Evangelicalism The Need for Symbols The Wilderness Evil Dwells in the Wilderness The Habitation of the Demonic (includes audio and video

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Great Commission and Cultural Commission: Two Sides to One Coin

Christians are generally familiar with Jesus’ mandate for the church, what we usually call the Great Commission, but fewer Christians are familiar with the Cultural Commission. Fewer still see the connection between these two commissions. Yet, neither has been rescinded. On the contrary, both remain active expressions of God’s purpose

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A Thanksgiving Reflection: Why is the West Wealthier Than the Rest?

The West, as a whole, has developed beyond the rest of the world and in fact has blessed many in other parts of the globe. Notwithstanding its postmodern critics, including professors who love to censure Western civilization, the history of the West has something to teach the rest. While there

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