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A Thanksgiving Reflection: Why is the West Wealthier Than the Rest?

The West, as a whole, has developed beyond the rest of the world and in fact has blessed many in other parts of the globe. Notwithstanding its postmodern critics, including professors who love to censure Western civilization, the history of the West has something to teach the rest. While there

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Image by Nicholas A. Tonelli, CC 4.0 Former General Attorney Bill Barr recently gave a devastating analysis of public-school education in America, coupled with a radical solution; families with school-age children would do well to heed his counsel. More on that below. But Barr was not the first to publicly

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CHURCH WITHOUT A VIEW: The Blindness of a Sacred-Secular Divide

I’ve often said that if the church does not disciple the nation the nation will disciple the church. In his thought-provoking paper, “A Church Without A View: Jonathan Edwards and Our Current Lifeview Discipleship Crisis,” theologian and pastor David Scott demonstrates how that has happened. He laments the absence of

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A Cultural Impasse Rooted in Worship

The events of January 6, in Washington DC, with the storming of the US Capitol, during the debate over certification of the Electoral College votes, stunned the nation and the world. The nation’s capital city became a fortress for the inauguration of President Joe Biden, including aggressive fencing and other

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