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The Feminine Manifesto

If I could have an honest conversation with Betty Friedan, trailblazer of the modern feminist movement, we would have words! Betty in her seminal book, The Feminine Mystique, dismally described the home and women’s role in it as a “comfortable concentration camp”. If we could talk, I would tell Betty

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The Sexual Revolution: Racism in Disguise

This post by our good friend Robert Osburn originally appeared at The Wilberforce International Institute under the title “Stop Destroying Our Brethren: End the Sexual Revolution.” ~ It’s time for someone to tell our myopic woke, social justice-advocating friends that racism, past and present, did not destroy and devastate many

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Male and Female, God’s Design

Recently I was talking with two artist friends in Brazil about a current project to develop an animated video from my lecture, “The Transcendence of Sexuality.” (See the video The Grand Design: Rediscovering Male and Female as Imago Dei, part of our Coram Deo online course.) During our conversation, one

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Children: Bullseye of Comprehensive Sexuality Education

This is post 4 of 6 in the series “Education in the Coronavirus age” What Has the Coronavirus Done to Our Schools? The Erosion of Higher Education A Virus Worse Than Covid-19 Children: Bullseye of Comprehensive Sexuality Education Parents or the State: Who Owns the Children? Education in the Coronavirus:

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