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Disciple a Nation, or Colonize a Nation?

Occasionally, we have a comment worthy of reposting; that’s what we’re doing today, this one from the nation of Nigeria.

It’s likely that many Darrow Miller and Friends readers do not see comments, especially those that come in late, so here’s a response to Darrow’s 11/19 post, Religious Liberty Fading in a Polarized America, from reader Olusegun Owopetu.

Greetings. The heart of a prophet to his nation – so have I seen this writing. The message is beyond the prophet’s immediate nation.

I remembered some years ago that the Western world governments and US were insisting that the governments in our Continent must allow gay as part of our societal values and heritage and that if not, economic punishment would follow.This is just to remind the author of this writing that the issues on hand transcend your borders.

What are the possible consequences if informed Christians do something? Sometimes it is not the wisdom or the political abilities of the Church’s adversaries that gives me worries but the discordant voices even among the brethren.

Sir, as you continue over there, let’s be praying for one another.

Brother Miller, I am leaving these words with you for you to think about. What would it take to disciple a nation – Nigeria, and when you say a nation is discipled do you expect to see?

As I sign off, I remember the word of Joab to his brother on the war front, “Be of good courage, and let us play the men for our people, and for the cities of our God: and the LORD do that which seemeth him good,” 2 Samuel 10:12,

Darrow’s reply:

Greetings Olusegun,

It is so good to hear from you. Your words are an encouragement and a challenge.

You are correct that the pattern I have written about in this blog is not confined to the US and Europe. It is growing globally. It is often driven internationally by United Nations and the US State Department initiatives, as well as the organic impact of social media.

A good friend of mine in Uganda, who is leading the fight for Biblical values and the traditional family in his country, rightly calls this movement sexual colonialism. We have published on this subject with an article entitled, Sexual Colonialism: The New Legacy of Western Elitism. People in Africa are fighting back against this new tyranny. As an American I am ashamed that my government is pushing these old pagan, immoral ideas in a new form to re-colonize Africa.

To your larger question of the discipling of nations we have written two books that deal with this broader subject, conceptually. They are Discipling Nations and Emancipating the World.

In addition to this we have developed a video series on the virtues needed to build a free society. It was originally filmed in Arabic, as a response to the longings of the so-called Arab Spring, and has now been subtitled in English.

Hope you find these resources helpful.

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  1. gosuslugi-lichnyj-cabinet.ru

    December 16, 2020 - 8:37 am

    Christians today are engaged in a dual conflict, ultimately spiritual in nature, whose outcome will determine the shape of our societies in this century. In the West, fundamentalist atheism has replaced a biblical framework with moral relativism. From the East, radical Islam is waging jihad against the materialistic West. How should Christians respond? Darrow Miller challenges us to rethink and restore the church’s mission — the Great Commission — amid these profound conflicts. We are to immerse the nations in kingdom culture, anticipating the consummation of Christ’s reign, when all nations will bring the glories of their culture into God’s kingdom. We are to battle tyranny with love and service and battle lies with truth, goodness, and beauty. The great challenges of our age present an even greater opportunity: emancipating the world through Christ. With a Foreword by Rick Pearcey


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