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Obama Can Deny the Existence of Evil but He Can’t Make Evil Disappear

“The problem with you Americans is that you don’t believe in evil.” The charge is taken from a work of fiction, but it’s altogether true in fact. That sentence appears in Joel C. Rosenberg’s 2002 novel, The Last Jihad. Rosenberg is a … Continue reading

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Why Are Western Christians Silent While Their Brethren Suffer?

Jihadists have a slogan: “First the Saturday People, then the Sunday People.” That is, “First we will kill the Jews, then we will kill the Christians.” Today, Christians are being persecuted from Nigeria through North Africa and the Middle East … Continue reading

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Out of Africa: What Nation Discipling Looks Like

Jesus commanded His followers to disciple the nations. What does a discipled nation look like? In his forthcoming book, Emancipating the World, Darrow Miller writes: Shaped by today’s values, the church has focused its evangelism and discipleship on individuals, blinded … Continue reading

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Who Will Win the War of 9/11?

I was in the shower, listening to NPR, when the program was interrupted for breaking news: at 8:46 a.m. a plane had crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. Quickly I wrapped a towel around myself and … Continue reading

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Middle East Protests … Where Will They Lead?

North Africa and the Middle East are in flames. The revolt began in Tunisia and inspired the Egyptian people to follow suit. The world stood in shock and wonder for two weeks as the people of Egypt stood up to … Continue reading

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As the World Watches Egypt

Today Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak sent a confusing signal to the world about his intentions. As we publish this post, he has not resigned. In a few hours, Muslims will be at their Friday prayers. Possible scenarios include Islamist foment and … Continue reading

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A Perspective on Egypt

The world is watching, and blogging about, Egypt. We don’t have an insider’s perspective, but every human story evokes one or more of DNA’s teachings. As history unfolds in Egypt before our eyes, what should Christians derive from the picture? … Continue reading

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Home-Grown Terror: The Fruit of a Neglected Worldview

One of the fundamental messages of Disciple Nations Alliance is that ideas have consequences. Of course this observation is not original with DNA. Richard Weaver published a book by that title in 1958. But he didn’t come up with it … Continue reading

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How Does the Church Fight Terrorism?

Jihadism is that radical Islam that wages jihad, or war, against non-Muslims and even against moderate Muslims. For the sake of discussion, let’s say everyone agrees that Jihadism poses a threat to freedom. And let’s say that everyone agrees that the job … Continue reading

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Bomb Me, I’ll Burn Your Book?

Although the pause button has been pushed for now at least, the controversy around Florida pastor Terry Jones and his (former?) plan to burn the Koran warrants a DNA reflection. How should Christians respond to worshippers of Allah? Jesus said, … Continue reading

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