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Create Something on Earth to Hang on Heaven’s Wall

When I was in school, my teachers in two subjects taught me the concept of transposition. In math we learned to move a number and its sign from one side of the equation to another. In music we learned to move the pitch of a composition upwards or downwards. But

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Music that Writes Culture, Part 4

In the second line, Watts says “Let earth receive her king.”  Note that the object of the first two lines has changed, from world to earth.  I don’t think this was a slip of the pen or poetic variation in his writing.  Watts was not only a hymn writer, he was

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Music that Writes Culture, Part 3

Now I want to look in detail at the New Year’s carol – Joy to the World.  In the next installments of this blog series we will examine the significance of each stanza for our lives as we enter this New Year. As we have said, this hymn celebrates the

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