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What Wisdom Has to Do with Wealth

We wrote recently about the implications of wisdom in human life as an attribute from the creation. Wisdom is the framework for humans to flourish as God intended. It’s not hard to see wisdom vs. folly played out in simple economics. By wisdom wealth can be created, and used to bless

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Guinness: The Brand that Made God Look Good

Arthur Guinness operated a brewery for the glory of God. You could say he was part of the Monday Church of his generation. On Sunday Christ followers gather for worship, fellowship, and equipping. On Monday they go all over the city to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This is what we call

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Great Commission Utilitarianism, Part 4

Work and Wealth In the biblical framework of oikonomia, work and the creation of wealth are intrinsically good and are to contribute to the end – the telos – to which all of history is moving: the Glory of God, and the return of Christ and his kingdom. The work

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Great Commission Utilitarianism, Part 3

Oikonomia vs. Chrematistics In direct opposition to what those possessing a GCU (Great Commission Utilitarianism) mindset state, God’s ends reveals that human beings are placed on earth for economic purposes: to be the catalysts to allow families, communities and nations to reach their fruition. We see this unfold in the

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Great Commission Utilitarianism, Part 1

Recently a friend told me of his growing concern for the impact of the concept of Great Commission utilitarianism on the church. As someone who is relatively well read and is currently writing a book on the Great Commission I was intrigued about the concept. A Google search on the

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Secularism: The Cost of Consumption (Cont.)

The following blog is the third in a six-part series on worldview and work taken from Darrow Miller’s new book LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day. Social critic Os Guinness describes the shift away from a biblical worldview in Western societies as a move from a

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Joy to the World!

Lately, I have been reflecting on this Advent season.  Those who have bowed to Christ as Lord and Savior know that we are celebrating the birth of the Messiah, the Consolation of Israel.  This Jesus is not merely my personal Savior, as we in the modern church are so fond

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Paradigm-shifting Lectures

My life is being changed by some really significant paradigm-shifting lectures that you should listen to by Dr. Vishal Mangalwadi. Vishal is an Indian who was fascinated with why the West had developed so well and why other nations remained trapped in poverty. Now he is interested in the current

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Global Economic Crisis – Part 4 of 6

As we continue to reflect on the global economic crisis, we have said that the root of the problem is not technical or lack of money. The root of the problem is in mental infrastructure between Theism and Atheism, and between their corresponding economic paradigm of oikonomia and chrematistics. These

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