Darrow Miller and Friends

The Feminine Manifesto

If I could have an honest conversation with Betty Friedan, trailblazer of the modern feminist movement, we would have words! Betty in her seminal book, The Feminine Mystique, dismally described the home and women’s role in it as a “comfortable concentration camp”. If we could talk, I would tell Betty

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Unshuttering the Blog

Dear Friends, In December 2021, I posted notice here that I would be shuttering this blog but would leave it accessible. One of the main reasons for doing so was to focus my time and energy on completing two important book projects that I was “compelled” to write. One of

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Shuttering the Blog

With the encouragement of Disciple Nations Alliance president Scott Allen, we started Darrow Miller and Friends in 2008. In these 13 years we have published just over 1,350 posts. It has been a vigorous opportunity to serve the Kingdom of God, a wonderful journey which is now coming to an

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