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Ideological War for a Global Caliphate

This is post 3 of 4 in the series “intolerance of islam and atheism” Pluralism Never Comes from Islamism or Atheism The Shadow of Sharia Looms Over the West Ideological War for a Global Caliphate Fight Intolerance With a Kingdom Offensive Is a global caliphate coming?  Since 9/11 the United

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FGM: Coming to a Community Near You?

“Women have no need for their genitalia …” “…unless you are a whore.” Those words were allegedly found in a pamphlet promoting sharia law in Britain. The article making the allegation, with this stark announcement, was sent to me by a friend named Ana who works in Southern Europe with trafficked

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Charlie Hebdo and an Atheist’s Comparison of Islam and Christianity

The responses to the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris include an intriguing reflection from an atheist comparing Islam and Christianity. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are the world’s three great monotheistic faiths. All three trace their linage to the patriarch Abraham. He is father of the Arab (largely Muslim) peoples though his

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