A FRESH LOOK at the Kingdom of God

In the DNA circles we talk about the kingdom a lot  … because Jesus talked about the kingdom a lot.

Every two years we have a DNA Global Forum. Colleagues and friends who are part of the DNA movement around the world gather for a few days to reconnect, hear one another’s stories, and be encouraged by reports of God at work.

Hector Pardo preaches the kingdom of GodIn March, the 2013 Global Forum was  held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. We heard a number of powerful presentations, including one from pastor Hector Pardo of Colombia. We heard him say things like:

  • Often when I talk with other pastors, I say, Jesus never spoke about salvation or the gospel of salvation. I encourage them to show me one text in the Bible where Jesus spoke about the gospel of salvation. Of course they can’t. So I ask, What was the gospel that Jesus preached? Eventually they realize the answer: Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom of God.
  • After he was raised from the dead, he spent 40 days with his disciples. What was he
    preaching? Suppose a disciple had said, Lord, for three and a half years you have been
    teaching the same thing. Now that you have been resurrected, perhaps you can talk to us about another theme. Jesus no doubt would have replied, I do not have another theme. For 40 days he was announcing the kingdom of God.
  • The apostle Paul was preaching the gospel of the kingdom. In Acts 28, when we come to
    the end of Paul’s life, he is finishing by preaching the gospel of the kingdom.

Pastor Pardo relates an anecdote about a public meeting at which the king of Jordan heard the singer Bono calling the audience to join him in praising Jesus. You won’t believe what happened. 

We are happy to pass along Pastor Pardo’s message to our readers.

To read his message go to One Theme One Lord.

To view his actual presentation given in Belo Horizonte, go here.

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  1. Hi there
    we are the Garcia family the ones that work on the nursing home near YWAM base in Puerto Rico. I make my DTS there and the most impacting class was yours

    I decide to flourish within the Biblical perspective that you recieved


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