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Life Triumphs Over Death

Life is winning the battle, the abortion crusaders are gradually losing. The women they subjugate with their propaganda and the babies they butcher with their knives and chemicals cry out for freedom from this slavery and death. In the broad horizons of history, life conquers death, truth overcomes lies and

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The Call of the Balladeers

Balladeers shape culture We are witnessing the slow death of Western civilization and indeed whole nations in Europe and North America. Cultural Marxists and their moral and cultural relativist followers celebrate this deconstruction of Western culture and society. Others mourn the loss of the order that made the glory of Western civilization

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Young Artist Sings Old Hymn for President Trump

Those attending the Inaugural Prayer Service at the Washington National Cathedral for President Donald Trump received a thrill (and returned a standing ovation) from an unlikely source. Marlana VanHoose—20 years old, blind and moderately cerebral-palsied—lifted her magnificent voice in praise to the three-in-one God with a splendid rendition of How

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