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Shaping the Generation of the Future

Failure to see the future coming condemns societies to poverty. One of the things I have heard over and over again in my years working among the poor is the fatalistic mantra, “We are poor and there is nothing we … Continue reading

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Radical Feminism and the End of the Family: Mission Accomplished?

The nuclear family must be destroyed … Whatever its ultimate meaning, the break-up of families now is an objectively revolutionary process,” says author and woman’s rights activist Linda Gordon. She is joined in that view by author and feminist activist … Continue reading

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The Mother as the First Teacher

A mother is the first teacher of every exemplar and every scoundrel. Too often we leave our children’s education to television, video games, the state, or their peers. Too many parents have abdicated their responsibility, largely because they no longer … Continue reading

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Every Home Needs a Lady

Remember when it was a compliment to be called a lady? The term has fallen out of favor in many societies, and the loss is bigger than mere semantics. Our friend, Nicole Curiel, a student from Guadalajara, Mexico, writes: It … Continue reading

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When a Feminist Bumps Into Reality

This post is about a candid feminist. Most people never examine their worldview … until they bump into reality. When you hit your head against God’s objective world, you tend to make a note of it. As Irving Kristol, the … Continue reading

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Feminism Doesn’t Mean What it Once Did

We received the following thoughtful response to Darrow’s post, A Personal Story About Why Words Matter, from our friend, Ryan Davis. Because it was worthy of more than a simple, brief reply, we are posting it here, with Darrow’s reply, … Continue reading

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Created to Be a Woman

When Lydia Sigourney pointed out, in 1837, that Christianity has brought dignity to the woman, while other faith systems have often left women degraded, she was ahead of her time. Gratitude for the religion of Jesus Christ should inspire an … Continue reading

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A Personal Story About Why Words Matter

Words matter. Words have meanings. In fact, I have often reminded people that before you can change a society, you must first change the language. This means two things. First,  we must fight for time-tested Biblical language in our daily speaking … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Womb: Where the Lamp of the Soul is Lit

The womb is the first classroom of the child. “Those lullabies you’re singing to your growing tummy? Your child just may recognize the tune after birth,” so writes Cortney O’Brien in her September 2, 2013 published article Amazing: New Study … Continue reading

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The High Calling of Building a Family

In my family it was very important that I would have a professional career. My father often reminded me that I must never be dependent on anyone else. I was active in a family business, a school which our family … Continue reading

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