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Men, We Owe Honor to Our Women

This is post 3 of 3 in the series “Ana's invisible women” This is the third in a three-part series. As you read this short series, please remember to pray for the precious women and girls that are trafficked and the men who traffic them. It is into that context

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Life Triumphs Over Death

Life is winning the battle, the abortion crusaders are gradually losing. The women they subjugate with their propaganda and the babies they butcher with their knives and chemicals cry out for freedom from this slavery and death. In the broad horizons of history, life conquers death, truth overcomes lies and

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The Two-Way Window in the Womb

Did you know there is a two-way window in a mother’s womb? For years researchers have peered through this window, often using ultrasound and other techniques. They have found that the baby’s sense of touch, taste, smell, and hearing are developing while in the womb. A pre-born baby learns to

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We Scorn Sexual Morality and Get Sexual Predators

No one should be shocked at the seemingly endless sexual aggression of celebrities, in Hollywood, professional sports, or politics. Such behavior is the natural consequence of what is promoted in Hollywood films and ignored by the glittering Oscar community. Sexual promiscuity is promoted by Planned Parenthood and allowed in public

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Modesty: A Lost Virtue We Need to Reclaim

Is this what modesty means? Recently a Ghanaian friend wrote to me about the changing standard of decency in West Africa. Two beautiful young women–an actress and a beauty pageant winner–stirred debate among Ghanaians by the way they dressed for a music-awards event. Their dresses, according to some, were “revealing,” “indecent,” “daring,”

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