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Who Wins the Battle of Ideas Wins the War

We’ve written recently about the importance of recognizing that the battle with militant Islam is a battle of ideas. James Glassman was under secretary of state for Public Diplomacy under President George W. Bush. He was recently referenced by Helle C. … Continue reading

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The War Against ISIS is a Religious War

“In the War on Terrorism, We Must Win the War of Ideas.” Helle C. Dale, senior fellow in public diplomacy at the Heritage Foundation, says it all in the title of her recent post at The Daily Signal. Why is … Continue reading

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Every Conflict is Rooted in a War of Ideas

Our colleague Dwight Vogt recently pointed us to an article at The Daily Signal by Helle Dale, “In the War on Terrorism, We Must Win the War of Ideas.” Asked recently by CNN what the United States needs most to … Continue reading

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“Emancipating the World” Featured (Again) at WORLD Magazine

Last October, our friend Marvin Olasky, editor at WORLD, published chapter 3 of Darrow’s book, Emancipating the World: A Christian Response to Fundamentalist Atheism and Radical Islam. Now Marvin has returned to the book, publishing chapter 7 with his post, Opening the door … Continue reading

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A Secularist Inquisition: Houston and Freedom of Religion

Does freedom of religion no longer apply in Houston? Is a secularist inquisition underway in America? Recently Pastor Steve Riggle of Grace Community Church was served a subpoena from Susman Godfrey, the lead counsel of the city of Houston. The … Continue reading

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How a Welfare Mentality Crushed the War on Poverty

In an earlier post I argued that America’s “War on Poverty” has been a dismal failure. Poverty has won the war! As I suggested, lack of money is not the root of the problem. Thus more money (and more government … Continue reading

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EDUCATION for Freedom vs. TRAINING for Slavery

The human mind, bestowed by a Divine Creator, has developed remarkable technologies. How ironic that this rise of technical innovation could lead to the demise of the mind that invented the technologies in the first place! We have written elsewhere … Continue reading

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The Necessary Constraints of True Liberty

Freedom, like grace, doesn’t come cheaply. Nor is it maintained without appropriate limits. Our friend, Bob Osburn, Executive Director at Wilberforce Academy, has written lucidly about this and we are happy to share his insights here. * * * * * … Continue reading

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Enslaved to Our Screens

Our screens are hurting us. Last week, I read an article and was sent a link to a YouTube video, both of which addressed the same problem. Both are prophetic statements about the times we live in. The article (“The … Continue reading

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Leaders of Muslims Condemn ISIS Tactics

The world has witnessed Muslims celebrating Islamist attacks on the World Trade Center and other Western sites. Muslims have remained silent while Christians in Islamic countries have been slaughtered. They have protested as Israel defended herself against Hamas attacks. They … Continue reading

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