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Artists Conference: A Phoenix Opportunity Coming Soon

Answer: The current media world saturated with atheistic values and destructive messages. Question: What do you get when you discourage Christian young people from studying the arts? Nobody should be surprised at the state of affairs in today’s entertainment industry. Or media in general. When, for generations, the church has considered art

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Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder?

We live in a day of relativism. Such a doctrine ignores the observable fact that the universe has a moral dimension. On the other side are those of us who seek to uphold the objective nature of human life in a creation built on moral and metaphysical standards. Yet when the

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BEAUTY Will Save the World

The Christian active in the arts has opportunity to speak prophetically to culture. Knowing my interest in that subject, my son Nathan sent me an article titled “Beauty Will Save the World.” When Alexandr Solzhenitsyn was awarded the 1970 Nobel Prize in Literature he delivered to the Swedish Academy a

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Find the COMMANDS that Give LIGHT

Some have said that Psalm 19 is the most beautiful in the Psalter. If so, how fitting that we see that beauty because of light. God’s commands are radiant! We’ve been examining the various terms in Psalm 19 about God’s Word. Today we come to the second half of verse

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A Powerful Resource for Creating Godly Culture

Here at the Disciple Nations Alliance we are fans of Ken Myers and his Mars Hill Audio Journal. Ken helps us understand what it means to live Coram Deo in our deeply secular 21st-century world. Many Christians live in the sacred-secular divide which leaves them in one of two unacceptable positions: on the

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CREATOR and CREATION: How Did God Make It Happen? part 2

Here’s the conclusion to part 1 of  CREATOR and CREATION: How Did God Make It Happen? published on Monday. There was soon light enough for them to see one another’s faces. The Cabby and the two children had open mouths and shining eyes; they were drinking in the sound, and they

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CREATOR and CREATION: How Did God Make It Happen?

Over the years, as I have taught on the significance of worldview for our lives and for the creation of godly culture, I have always touched briefly on how God created. In fact Genesis 1 reveals that God created the universe by speaking words. He spoke words to create “And God

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What I Learned About BEAUTY from Edith Schaeffer

Our good friend Nancy Pearcey wrote a brief eulogy for Edith Schaeffer, who died March 30 in Switzerland. Edith  taught us both about the apologetics of beauty. Nancy’s post by that title tells it much better than I can.  What most impressed me in knowing Edith at L’Abri was her emphasis on

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The Unlikely Power of Beauty

Beauty is one of God’s gifts to the world. We’ve written about beauty lots of times. A couple of recent posts were How to Disciple a Nation with a Paintbrush and Art for the Community’s Sake: Christians Using Art to Shape the Culture. I can’t help thinking about something Dr. Larry Ward

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Stories and Sermons: Two Genres, One Powerful Effect

Eric Metaxas, author and worldview observer, recently wrote an article on Breakpoint (Not Sermons but Stories) on a topic near and dear to us here at Darrow Miller and Friends. He wrote about the influence and driving power of worldview on the artist and on the power of the artist

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