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Milk Cows Can Change the World

In his remarkable book, Truth and Transformation, native Indian Vishal Mangalwadi writes about visiting a dairy in Holland. I had never seen such a dairy! It had a hundred cows, there were no staff on site, and it seemed amazingly … Continue reading

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You Can’t Legislate Morality?

“I killed my daughter.” Toronto taxi-driver Muhammad Parvez, 60, had just strangled his 16-year-old daughter, Aqsa. So he dialed 911 and reported. Nobody could accuse him of hiding his crime. Maybe no one was surprised when, last week in court, … Continue reading

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Whether you Eat or Drink…Do It All for the Glory of God

In my last entry, I mentioned the Latin phrase “Coram Deo,” which means “before the face of God.” All of life is to be lived before the face of God and to His glory. There is no higher, no lower—no sacred, no … Continue reading

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Wholism: A Powerful, Biblical Idea

The 15th century European reformers had a motto that reminded them, in a very practical way, of God’s comprehensive concern for all areas of life and all spheres of society. The phrase was “coram Deo” which means “before the face … Continue reading

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Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide

A real problem for many in the Church today is a tendency to divide the world into mutually exclusive compartments. One component is labeled “sacred” and has to do with the spiritual life. Everything else goes into a “secular” category. For those who … Continue reading

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Darrow’s Worldview Top Twelve

Some have asked me what books on worldview have been most helpful to me. Those by my late mentor, Francis Schaeffer, helped me to get on the road to thinking worldviewishly–particularly his trilogy Escape from Reason, The God Who Is There, and … Continue reading

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Worldview and Theology

I had a stimulating discussion last week with the leadership of the Desiring God International Outreach ministry.  During the course of our conversation, they asked for my opinion on the distinction between worldview and theology. The by-line of the international … Continue reading

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Getting Involved in the Fight Against Gendercide

Earth, we have a question! The members of the DNA Team Blog were overwhelmed by the response to the blog Gendercide: The War Against Baby Girls. We have been blogging now for a year and a half and we have … Continue reading

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Gendercide: The War on Baby Girls

“Houston, we have a problem.” This was the brusque announcement from astronaut Jack Swigert following a life threatening explosion onboard the Apollo 13 spacecraft. By God’s grace, the skill of the astronauts, and the teamwork of NASA mission control in … Continue reading

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DNA Featured in Two Recent Articles

Kim Moreland is part of Chuck Colson’s BreakPoint staff as one of their lead writers/editors. Last week she wrote an excellent article titled “The Social Gospel and Eternity: The Importance of the Biblical Worldview” and published it on the BreakPoint … Continue reading

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