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What Does Christianity Have to Do with China Rising?

A trio of surprising news stories about China came to light this week. In less than a generation, China is expected to have more Christians than any country in the world. In less than a year, China is predicted to beat out the US as the world’s #1 economic power.

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CIVILIZED BARBARISM: China’s Abortions and Your Face Cream

Photo by Vanessatevesti – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0 PLEASE NOTE: this post contains graphic content and images of abortion. We like to think of today’s world as civilized, “reclaimed from savage life and manners,” as  Webster’s 1828 defines it. Not cruel, savage, or brutal. We’re above such behavior today.

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China Blessed by the Puritans?

We’ve written earlier about Chinese scholars attributing America’s success to its Christianity. Here’s another Oriental surprise: Who would have guessed that China owes a debt to some Christians who landed in North America 280 years ago? That’s part of the premise of a new book, The Puritan Gift, by brothers Kenneth

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