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CIVILIZED BARBARISM: China’s Abortions and Your Face Cream

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PLEASE NOTE: this post contains graphic content and images of abortion.

We like to think of today’s world as civilized, “reclaimed from savage life and manners,” as  Webster’s 1828 defines it. Not cruel, savage, or brutal. We’re above such behavior today.

Or are we?

Occasionally, a story emerges to show what abominations lie just beneath the surface. Human acts of inhumanity to their fellow human beings remain among us, acts as dark as the world has ever seen. Secular fundamentalists want to lay such horrors at the feet of Theists. And, to be sure, we have seen brutality from both Christians and Muslims. We continue to see atrocity from Jihadists. But today, we are also looking into a pit of horrors which comprise the logical consequences of Atheism. May we not be so numb that we cannot respond appropriately. May we engage in the fight against the evil.

As we have said in this space before, ideas have consequences. Judeo-Christianity creates a culture of life. But Atheistic Materialism creates a culture of death and a narcissistic population. We have written before about Kermit Gosnell, currently on trial for seven counts of first-degree murder. Gosnell reportedly “joked about the large size of some of the infants he aborted.”

What drew my attention, again, to the world of the enlightened barbarian was an article, “Data reveal scale of China abortions” in the March 15, 2013 Financial Times by Simon Rabinovitch writing from Beijing.

Chinese doctors have performed more than 330m abortions since the government implemented a controversial family planning policy 40 years ago, according to official data from the health ministry.

The birth restrictions have also led to a severe gender imbalance because of a traditional preference for male children and the selective abortion of female foetuses. There are now 34m more men than women in China.

The “enlightened” Nazis were barbaric in their treatment of the Jews, Gypsies, and handicapped, and all the while, many Germans and others either averted their eyes or looked on, apparently without concern. Today, our “civilized” world supports the destruction of human life in the womb (abortion) and out of the womb (infanticide). Can we muster no reaction to the unspeakable horror of over 330,000,000 babies aborted in China alone in the last 40 years? (This is to say nothing about the social consequences to the resulting gender imbalance of the 34 million Chinese men who will not find a bride.)

China abortion
Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by? Look around and see. Is any suffering like my suffering that was inflicted on me (Lamentations 1:12 NIV)

Not only do the Chinese abort babies, often the abortions are done against the will of the mother. After the abortion, the young mother is further brutalized by having the body of her dismembered baby placed beside her in the bed .

But this is still not the end of the horror. Steven Aden, a Senior Council with the United Defense Fund reports on the rise of the use of the aborted babies for commercial purposes in his Townhall.com article, Is it Cannibalism Yet?

There is an undeniable progression from bad to worse in the culture of death. Or, to paraphrase Dostoevsky, who was paraphrasing Jesus of Nazareth, “All things are possible to those who don’t believe.” Therefore, just when it seems we’ve seen man at his worst, a new example of his wickedness arises and reminds us that we haven’t seen anything yet.

Case in point—the news that certain citizens in China, no doubt numbed to the evil of abortion by their country’s one-child policy, have literally begun to place the corpses of aborted children in refrigerators in homes. From there, the bodies are “taken to clinics where they are placed in medical drying microwaves.”

In the microwaves, they are dried (cooked), and once their skin has become sufficiently dry it is ground into a powder which is used for quack “home remedies.”

And here’s the clincher: the powder—that is, the dried skin of an aborted human body—is poured into capsules which are then sold as energy supplements under the guise of “stamina boosters.”

Aden references a March 8, 2013 article in the British newspaper Mail Online, “Thousands of pills filled with powdered human baby flesh discovered by customs officials in South Korea.” (See also 101 uses for dead babies.)

Now another British newspaper, the Guardian, reveals that China is using the skin of executed Chinese prisoners for collagen in making beauty products. (You can shop at Chic galleria for beauty products with collagen.)

The Catholic News Agency reports that fetal collagen has been used in anti-aging creams. Actually, “fetal collagen” disguises the truth. It’s the cells of aborted babies.

Please do not just read this and move on. Please pass this story to your friends and church members. Or more. God raised up William Wilberforce and the Clapham Sect to outlaw slavery in the British empire. Maybe He wants to raise you up to be a William Wilberforce for today.

May we who see these things shake off our numbness and replace it with righteous anger. We must not avert our eyes. We must engage. If you are willing, here some current avenues of action:

Or perhaps you will be so angry that you will respond to a call from God to found your own organization to fight these injustices.

Who will challenge the “beautiful” cosmetics companies that use human collagen in their cosmetics?

Who will challenge women to care enough to see if what they are rubbing on their faces is the pulverized skin of executed criminals?

Who will challenge people interested in their own fitness and vitality to ensure the pills they are taking do not contain the remains of aborted babies?

It is not merely the Chinese who are producing these products, it is consumers in Asia, Europe, and America who in their narcissism demand these products.

We are such beautiful and civilized barbarians.

– Darrow Miller


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